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From zero to one

Let's make something you can show a manufacturer, investors, decision makers


Things Made

Model in the slicer, almost ready to print
Debossed X Logo

Marketing Material

Created a replacement deboss seal using:• 3D modeling
• Resin printing
• Part finishing

Functional Laser Cutting

Kept knocking these paint tubes over and whipped up a simple holder

cactus task cards

Task Cards

Boring todo lists no more!• Modeled and printed holder
• Designed, printed, cut task cards

Pricing Plans for All




A flexible option (minimum 3 hours) tailored for those exploring design possibilities, or seeking advice.

  • + Material costs

  • Design, 3D printing, laser cutting, modeling, mold making, ceramics




Secure a portion of my design capacity and let's shape your ideas.

  • 1 project at a time

  • $250 material credit




Dive deep into a project with my full-time dedication. We'll forge amazing things.

  • Undivided attention

  • $1250 in material credits

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